Consult skin troubles anonymously

Loquat is an app which can consult skin troubles anonymously.

Solve skin troubles anonymously

It is ok even if you can not consult with people easily. With Loquat you can consult skin troubles anonymously. A dermatologist will respond to your troubles.

Consult easily from home

If you send consultation contents and photos from your smartphone, you will receive advice from your doctor. The skin got red, I am concerned about the fault, I have an eczema, The symptoms are irrelevant. We will respond according to the situation, such as the use of marketing medicine or the person who hits a special hospital is better. Answers usually arrive within 24 hours.

Recommended for these people!

Those who want to go to dermatology but are busy and have no time

With Loquat you can consult dermatologist without going to the clinic. Since it is easy to enter the contents of consultation, it does not take time.

Those who have small children with weak skin

Small children 's skin is sensitive. Even those who can not go to the clinic because of work and child rearing can consult by Loquat immediately.

Those who can not easily go to clinics because they are far away

If you use Loquat you can consult dermatologist from home. Please feel free to consult before going to the hospital.

Those who habe some symptoms of concern that is not as much as going to the hospital

You can consult the symptoms anonymously with Loquat. Please feel free to consult us if you have any symptoms you care.

Those who would like to hear from the second opinion

A dermatologist will answer your consultation. It is perfect for people who want to hear the second opinion.

Easy to use. You can start right away.

1. Enter symptoms

Enter about age, gender, itching, pain, symptoms.

2. Snap

Snap the affected part. Shoot clearly as clearly as possible.

3. Send

Send consultaion to the doctor. Wait until the doctor answers. You will be notified when the doctor answer.

4. Review

An answer will be sent from the doctor. Read the answer and give feedback.

Actual consultation example

※We got permission to post.


A few month
Affected part photos
Distribution of symptom


From the photograph and course, we first consider the possibilities of ① infectious softmeta.

① About infectious softmeta (water spot)

It is caused by infection of the skin with the virus. It is said to be an infectious disease in the period when childhood immunity is not developed yet. When infected at this time, a small wart like a picture is made and the number gradually increases. It can be done anywhere in the body. There is basically no infection for adults, but infection may occur if a small child is nearby. (I hope you will be able to respond such as not to share a towel when bathing)

About treatment methods,

The common one is pinching with tweezers to remove it. Because it is painful, it may be done after sticking the anesthesia.

Although it is not possible to do it at home only if it is only for removal, it is difficult to distinguish a small knack or wart, so we recommend you to see a dermatologist.

Also, depending on the doctor, you may freeze it regularly with liquid nitrogen or follow-up (most people will heal naturally before entering elementary school).I think that it is better to have them treated at a place where you can give a satisfying explanation.

Also, if you are attending a nursery school or kindergarten, you may not enter the pool. Since there are differences depending on the facilities, I think if you can confirm the correspondence.

I wrote it for a long time, but in summary,

First of all ① consider the possibility of infectious softmeta (water spot). Regarding treatment methods, since there is basically no thing that can be handled at home or on the market, we recommend to see a dermatologist. The correspondence at nursery school and kindergarten depends on the facility, so we encourage you to be inquired once.

Please take care of yourself.


You need to buy consulting tickets to consult in app.

1 tickets 5 tickets 10 tickets 20 tickets
$1.99 $8.99 $17.99 $35.99
※You need 10 tickets to consult.

Consult with Loquat

It is the easiest way to consult your skin troubles.